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  • Walls are coming down & going up!

    Yes, many new changes all around our facility. Extremely exciting changes! We agree, we needed a little updating and we are doing just that! We are open, we are sweeping all the dust away just in time for the weekend. Game room, attractions and restaurant are awaiting your visit! [caption id="attachment_5609" align="alignnone" width="300"]  [/caption] [caption id="attachment_5611" align="alignnone" width="225"]  [/caption]
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  • Inside remodel has begun

    Remodeling of our interior has begun. Don't worry; most of the construction work will occur before opening daily. We are still open and cooking, so you and your family can keep playing. Our great changes and the new look will be worth it! We'll keep posting along the way.
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  • Cold temps halt construction

    Our construction has halted for just a bit due to the frozen ground but not to worry, we constructing some warm and flavorful new food items...swing on in!
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  • Braving the cold…

    Even though it's like the Arctic tundra outside⛄ crews are bravely moving our remodel forward today. It's warm inside though, stop by for some games, play and food!😀
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  • More concrete to pour

    Our old main entrance gets a new look and some fresh concrete today! The construction crew is super busy today laying out the new sidewalk before the weather gets too cold!
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  • Old Entrance, Thank you!

    Over the years, you have walked by our entrance ponds and over our bridge many times! We say thank you to them for their nearly three decades of service. They've welcomed our guests everyday. Moving forward, we are so excited about the new layout of our facility. Stop in and see the progress.      
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  • New Walkways To Fun!

    Construction crews put down concrete last week for our brand new entrance walkway!  Yep, we're moving the main doors to the other side of the building, closest to parking lot. We're making it easier to enter our facility and get to all of the new fun we have in store for you!
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  • So Much Activity!

    There's a lot going on around here...all for the better! Just making some room for some new and exciting things! We are still open and ready for play! We'll keep you posted along the way!🤣🎉🌟🎬.  Come out and celebrate all of the spooky fun of Halloween with us!
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    Making room to bring you a truly awesome new Hollywood Park! We are still open during renovations and don't worry, we still have another mini-golf course to play! It will be dusty around here for a little bit but we promise it'll be worth it! Stop by and see the progress. We're super excited!! Back To Home Page
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